Big & Small DIY: Cloud Picnic Blanket and Napkins for Designmom


This post makes me feel like I’m on Cloud 9.  This is a Side-by-side project for you to make side by side with your littles.

Make DIY: Cloud Picnic Blanket and Napkins

  • Adults (Big) sew this cloud picnic blanket.
  • Kids (small) make these simple fringed, cloud, napkins.
  • Breeze through a few of our photos and find the full tutorial that I’ve shared at designmom.




While this was the perfect for our picnics, this cloud blanket doesn’t need to be used exclusively outdoors
– set it up side for indoor picnics or play;
– make it for your baby as a play mat.
– I think it would be amazing, lined with velour, as a baby play blanket.

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