Paper Cup Apple Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap Series #27: Paper Cup Apple Wrap


Happy Friday! Cozy thoughts of Fall days ahead have me thinking about wrapping up — and also wrapping gifts! This week’s wraps would be perfect for an Apple Party, An Apple for the Teacher or for just wrapping something special for the Apple of your eye! To top this off, they’re incredibly easy to make!


Just choose paper cups in any apple color and then, continue below for the full tutorial. Click on “Read More” to continue for full tutorial …


-Paper Cups, To make these I used red, Granny Smith Green and Yellow
-Washi, Masking or Paper Packing Tape, To make these I matched the tape to the cup color
– Leaf: I used mint green washi tape –  you can choose any tape or cut a paper leaf and attach
– Ribbon or Cord, To make these I used a jute cord


1. Cutting evenly, trim the top “lip” of the cup off.
2. Mark 8 even marks around the cup (Photo below to the left)
To do this, I gently bent the cup in 1/2 along the upper rim and turned it the other way and marked the other 1/2 markings along the rim; then, bending it again at each midway point between this first set of 4 points to create 8 even marking which I then penciled in.
3. Cut about 2″ slits down the sides of the cups. Start from the top at each of the 8 markings and snip straight down. Keep these snips even.


Once these 8 cuts have been made, fold each tab, one after another, over the top of one another, all of the way around the cup. These tabs will neatly cascade. The package is now ready to be filled —- fill the cup with goodies, snaps or a present before proceeding to finish the top. Happy, Happy, Making!


To finish the top

Cut 5″ length of ribbon/jute. Tie the ends together with a knot. Insert the knot into the top of the cup and then, seal this with a circular shaped piece of tape. I cut a slit from the edge into the middle so that you can slide this circular piece to fit around the jet. (See examples below) Once this is secure, cut the leaf and fold it over the handle. I like to mark these as name tags or little note cards.
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