Build your very own rainbow. This is a puzzle for you to make with

your own two hands and then for you to build your very own rainbow

inside the house — again and again


I’ve been so excited to share this project with you.  It’s so simple but leaves room for imagination and is then a project for your kids to use again and again. I also feel like it almost gives me a chance to come on over  and set up a little workshop!


Although, we all recognise rainbows, they come in such a variety of hues. Today, I’m share it a full tutorial and template over at Handmade Charlotte (here.) If you want to play, visit Handmade Charlotte (here) to have the complete tutorial


I’ve shared a fun little video on instagram to get you started for rainbow play, here.  If you use this tutorial, I’d just love to see what you do!

Rainbow + Willow Wishes!

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