’tis the season: 16 willowday Holiday Cards designs in my shop

Step into the Swedish countryside with me,  from wherever you are in the world. I’ve just stocked my shop with 16 unique willowday Holiday cards that ship worldwide for you to pick one, two —  or a boxed set. Happy Holidays and fa la la la la la la la la!  

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I create art with petals that I find on my daily walks that captivate me and that I hope will transport you, too.  Holding one of my cards in your hands, that contains fragments of the beautiful Swedish world around me, is the best kind of holiday arm chair travel I can imagine to give you! And the safest kind of travel, too!)

I want to make sure that willowday friends are the first to know  about these new cards that I’m selling for the very first time because it’s been amazing to meet you here throughout these “willowday.” 

When this  foliage art is printed, it retains an almost a 3d quality (catch a little glimpse above) that I hope adds to the storytelling of each scene. The cards have blank interiors for you to tailor a greeting so that it’s personal to you!

Pick a CARD for yourself | here 

(and pick these up while I have them in stock) 






PS_ I love to see what you do with my tutorials and artwork.

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