We love parties!
Here are a few of our favorites:


3. Ice Skating Birthday Party with DIY for Ice Skate Pompoms




6. Valentine Balloon Cards

This section is in the process of being updated. Here’s a snippet of some things we think are fun:

Birthday Party:
Every Party has to have a hat (DIY Paper Party Hats)
Make a Personalized Tossing Game
Secret Agent Birthday Party
DIY: Diaries with Locks (from Secret Agent Spy Party)
How to make a Yarn Labyrinth
Surprise Birthday Party

DIY: Flat Mailable Pinata
Camp Grayson Birthday Party
Camping Pine Cone Details
Leaf Garland and Leaf Jump Rope
Camp Fire Cupcakes
Ice Skating Birthday Party
Easiest dIY birthday candles
How to make Balloon Garland
Friday Night Aperitif #1
Layered Cheese Cake
Paper Lanterns with LED Lights
Pocket Fold Napkins
Happy Birthday B
Cloud Straw Toppers
Paper Fan Garland
Lollipop Cookies
Ice Cream Sandwich Cake
Gum Drop Activity

Cherry Balloon Garland
Paper Fan Garland
Fish Garland
How to make Balloon Garland
Leaf Garland
Yarn Labyrinth
Paper Bat Garland
Valentine’s Day Garland in 15 Minutes

Cherry Party:
Cherry Balloon Garland
Kids Bake Macaron

Baby Shower:
Baby Shower Part 2
Nesting Baby Shower (Part 1)

Simple Games: Thimbles
How to make a Yarn Labyrinth
Icy Treasure Hunt

Place cards Idea:
Fish and Butter Fly: Garland, Mobile or 3D Fish or Butterfly
DIY Snowflake Straws
Leaves:Tiny Leaf Wreaths
Make a Jack-o-lantern with Fall Foliage
Leaf Garland and Leaf Jump Rope

Paper Bat Garland
Ghost Straw Toppers
Halloween Pompom Popups
Boo Halloween Treats – Cotton Candy Ghosts
Halloween Ghost Balloon Cards
Halloween: Paper Pumpkin Boxes
Halloween: Bat Lanterns
Halloween Haunted Forest Printable
Make a Jack-o-lantern with Fall Foliage
Lollipop Ghosts
Henry in costume
Jack-o-lantern Flat Bread
Ghost Straw Toppers
Halloween Countdown Calender
Handprint Ghost Cards

St. Pats:
Pot’s of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day
Rainbow Cards
Rainbow Gift Wrap

Painted Candles
Paper Ornaments
Finger Knitting Ornaments
Gift Wrap #23: Reindeer Gift Wrap
DIY: Lego Advent Calender
Winter Wonderland Advent Calender
King’s Cake (Fete de Rois 2013)
The Nutcracker in Sweden
Christmas Moss
Christmas Place Settings (Glass Ball Ornaments)
Gift Wrap #23: Reindeer Gift Wrap – Use these as Place Cards
Winter Wonderland Advent Calender – Use these as Place Cards
Moss Word Hanging
Bellisimakids: Ginger Bread House Exhibit

Thanksgiving Planning
Thanksgiving Mayflower Hand print Cards
Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday
Paper: Paper Feathers
Paper Feather Head dress
Beaded Bracelets
Easy Weave Bracelets

Happy Easter and Swedish Candy
Easter: Orange Bunnies
Easter: Bunny Basket Pillows
Easter: Glitter Eggs with Scenes or Monograms
Easter: Noisemaker Easter Craft
Easter:Bunny Pop-Up Cards
Place cards or Table Decor: Easter: Glitter Eggs with Scenes or Monogram
Easter: Orange Bunnies
Bunny Pop-Up Cards
Easter: Mini Bunny Pillow with Design Mom

Cinco de Mayo: DIY: Flat Mailable Pinata

Mother’s Day:
Gift Wrap Series #26: Mother’s Day Hand Print Brown Bag Wrappings
Mother’s Day Hand Print Cards
Personalized Dipped Bead Necklaces (Mothers Necklaces)

Swedish Holidays:
Swedish Holiday: Valborg
DIY: Midsummer Crown
Semla (Semlatisdag)
Julgransplundering: The last day for Swedish Christmas Trees

DIY Butterfly Houses with Chalk Lids
International Women’s Day:Babies Clip
President’s Day

Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Street Lights in Stockholm
Valentine’s Ice Art
Printable Silhouette Balloon Valentine’s Cards
3D Balloon Valentine’s Cards

Swedish Father’s Day:
Mustache Stencil Cards (For Father’s Day)
Swedish Father’s Day
Election Day

Cinco de Mayo:
DIY: Flat Mailable Pinata
Cinco de Mayo Spoons
Cinco de Mayo: Our Favorite Guacamole

Swedish Holiday:

Mother’s Day:
Mother’s Day: Big + Small Wrapped Washer Necklaces (Designmom)
Mother’s Day Cards
DIY: Midsummer Crown
Midsummer’s Dream Printable
Happy Father’s Day Weekend
Father’s Day: DIY: Alphabet Containers
Father’s Day Hand Print Card
Camp Fire Cupcakes — Valborg
Swedish Easter Witches

Gift Wrap Series:
Gift Wrap #1: Confetti Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap #2
Gift Wrap #2: Beaded Gift Wrap (2-in-1)
Gift Wrap #3: Pocket Wrap
Gift Wrap Series # 3 part 2 (Valentine’s Pocket Wrap)
Bonus Pocket Gift Wrap: An Apple For Teacher Gift Wrap (2 – in – 1)
Gift Wrap $3: Masquerade Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap #12: SEQUIN Hair Band Wraps
Gift Wrap #13: Fringe
Ombre gift wrap #14
Gift Wrap Series #15: Air Mail
Gift Wrap #16 Pyramid Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap #16: Fabric Pyramid Gift Wraps — Part 2
Gift Wrap #17: Doggie Gift Wrap Brown Bag Wrappings
Gift Wrap #18: Father’s Day Necktie Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap #19: Fresh Flower Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap #20: Floating Fish or Butterflies
Gift Wap #21: Garland Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap #22: Pot’s of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day
Gift Wrap #23: Leaf Tracing Wraps
Gift Wrap Snow #24: Flake Gift Wrap
Gift Wrap #25: Hand-lettered Bouquets
DIY: Flat Mailable Pinata
Gift Wrap Series #26: Mother’s Day Hand Print Brown Bag Wrappings
Gift Wrap #27: Paper Cup Apple Gift Wrap
Ombre fringe gift wrap

Nice Ice
Place cards: DIY SNOWFLAKE Placecards