How to make heart-shaped pom-poms




Love is in the air. Do you feel it, too? I can think of no sweeter way to get started with Valentine’s Day preparations than by making these Heart-Shaped Pom-poms! 

These are a great first ” specialty pom-pom” if you’ve never made one other than the classics before. I can think of 1 million ways to use these and would love to see how you use this tutorial. Pom-pom lovers unite — just follow me below for the full tutorial. How to make heart-shaped pom-poms:

Supplies: red yarn, scissors, pom-pom maker, if you like but, I seem to always return to this simple method, click here. 

  • Tutorial:
    1. Once you have a basic pom-pom it’s time to start snipping. (At this time your pom-pom should look very ragged and uneven.)
    2. Start trimming it into a tighter ball.
    3. Once you have a tighter ball, gradually sheer away the edges in a heart shape.
  • 41
  • The tighter the ball, the more precise you will trim.
    About 1/2 of the original pom-pom will be trimmed away.
  • If you look at the photos below, you can see that the basic shape is not longer ragged and frayed and at this point, the shaping will begin.
    I found that if I pressed down to flatten the pom-pom, I could get an area with which to cut the edges.


  • Once the bottom v and edges have been formed, it’s time to snip off the top of the heart.


The secret is in the trimming. Continue to trim until you have a heart and happy making!

How will you use these? Make a collections? Top a baby hat? Make a bouquet or cake topper, like this Valentine’s Day Cake Toppers.

Spread the love!  Happy willowday!



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