Find Willowday at Trädgårdsmässan

Hello Willowday Friends

There is so much to catch up on!

Today, I want to share that I’m incredibly honored and thrilled to be participating in the largest Gardening Show in Scandinavia called “Trägårdsmässan,” This is the first Fair in over two years in the largest venue in Stockholm.
My floral artwork will be at the Fair from March 31 – April 3.

My botanical artwork is getting a special features and can be found in 2 areas in the Fair:

A 29:30 


A 29:30 is next to the picnic area and “Blomlabbet” (Flower Lab) 

A13:50 is next to the main scene. 

My artwork has been hung.
The doors are open.
Let the fun begin.

I’d love to meet you in person and if we don’t, I hope that we can meet through my artwork at this exhibit. Tag me if you go!

I’m going to have a lot of fun coming your way this Spring. Until then, I wish you a happy day!

Willowday Wishes, 



If we miss one another at the Fair and you see my work, please don’t be shy to tag it! I’d love to meet you through your viewing and am so appreciative to have my work spread. | Tag me on Instagram @willowday

PS JUST FOR THE FAIR: I’ve updated my shop with new PRINTS in 3 sizes