GIFT WRAP SERIES. #2 Beaded Wrapping Paper


Gift Wrap Series #2: Beaded Wrapping Paper

Personalize Gift wrap, quick and easy! Kids love making bead necklaces and kids over wearing fun, details.   Wrap a present with something kids love.


These packages are something extra even before it’s opened wide! Making a necklace with your own little one, as they prepare to go to a party, is a great way to share the experience and for them to understand the spirit of giving.


Beaded gift wraps are one of my favorites and a two-in-one wrapping! (like this + this)

Gather supplies: beads with generous sized holes, scissors, wrapping paper (I prefer plain or lightly patterned), tape and string, fabric ribbon or elastic necklace making cord (the kind that you use to make beaded necklaces).

– Tie the necklace, as you would a regular ribbon, on the package — keeping the bead on the top, knot on the back.
(Note, if your present is odd sized just tie the beaded necklace in a big bow in the back so that the receiver can adjust themselves.) 
– Choose the bead you will use to make the necklace.
Happy Wrapping! I hope you’re receiver enjoys, too!