If you find yourself in Sweden today, it’s “Semla Tuesday.” Semla? These cream and almond paste filled cardamon-spiced pastries are eaten in Sweden, on Fat Tuesday. Although Semla can be found earlier in the season, today is the official day to have them. I’ve just read that 4 million Semla will be eaten today, in fact! We’ve decided that a cafe visit later will be the perfect way to welcome my visiting nephews and Father who arrive this morning from the US. I wonder what they’ll think? Nowadays, these are found traditionally sized, miniature and can be found in variations with vanilla cream, replacing the almond paste centers.


Our great, sister friends, Julia, Paula and Sophia Olivero-Reinius, helped me with this little tutorial so that everyone can do a little Swedish Semla party at home, too! “Tack!” girls!


Click here for Semla Recipe