Could it have been the Spanish sunrises and sunsets that ignited this week’s ombre wrapping paper? Have fun painting these yourself or experimenting with your children. Our kids wanted to put our ombre artwork up on our walls permanently. I convinced them that we could make more and these really do make pretty packages.
Plain paper (I used our painting paper roll.  This paper handles water well and is a weight that is nice for wrapping.)
Paint brushes
Cups for all colors

1) Supplies 2 and 3) Fit gift to packaging

1) Fit your package to the paper and lightly mark the beginning and end of the package.*
2) Mix paints from color ranging from 0% – 100% in individual containers.
3) Using the markings as your guide, paint one color strip at a time, beginning with 0 or 100%.
Overlapping each strip slightly, paint stripes that gradually go from light (0%) to dark (100%)
4) Let dry.
5)Wrap and enjoy

* Note: If you would like to make a stock of wrapping paper for future use, cut rectangular pieces. When you start painting, increase the 0% area an the 100% area  — approximately twice the size of the other areas — this will ensure that you have good variation when it comes to wrapping time.

Paint Note: I tried this with watercolors, gauche, tempera and acrylics. I preferred the first three to acrylics for their translucent or powdery surfaces. These first three mediums work well both quite dry and very watery for a translucent surface. If you use these watered down, make sure that you dry flat or even stretch, taped, on a surface and then press immediately after drying.

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