Cupcakes with Rosemaling. 

Early this morning, I was thinking of the upcoming festivities in Norway and shared someNorwegian designers, click here.  Now, here’s something from the heart: Cupcakes with a Norwegian rosemaling twist. I am so excited to share these and so glad that they worked.
Rosemaling for cupcakes
How to:Marzipan (or fondant)
Gel Food colors
Unused paint brushes — thick and thin
Tooth picks

Choose a pattern and the colors that you would like in your rosemaling. I wanted three colors and chose to highlight them in brown. I worked freehand, but if you’re not comfortable with this, make a sketch or even do a quick water color as a guide.

Start with a ball of marzipan or fondant that you think would cover the top of your cupcake, when flattened. Roll this bit into a perfect call, then flatten. I flattened these with my hand and then, evened them out with a rolling pin. Trim edges to make a perfect circle. You will need one top, per cupcake.
If you won’t be doing this quickly, cover with plastic wrap to keep the paste softened. You want it to remain soft so that when you cover the cupcake, it will be pliable and won’t crack.

After forming these circular tops, prepare the gel colors. I did so by using 1) gel in it’s original form and 2) dabbing a small amount into a small cup that I added miniscule amounts of vodka to for thinning. This worked perfectly.

Begin by using your broad brush in a thinned stoke of color. Once you’ve done the main flourishes, add details with smaller paint brushes or toothpicks.

Once you’ve decorated the rounds, place them over the tops of your muffins. I had lemon muffins and dabbed a little lemon curd on the top to help hold the top in place but, you could you icing or cream, as well.

If you aren’t using these right away, cover loosely with plastic wrap to maintain moisture.
Happy Baking.


Are you familiar with the Norwegian technique of painting called rosemaling? I remember it from my childhood — older relatives with friends who had cherished items with this style of Norwegian painting in their homes. I wasn’t overly interested in this as a kid, but today, when I think of Norway strong images of this flood me. 
I’m scooting out the door to send a little package of these off with a Norwegian friend, today: “Anne, wait!” Whether you’re planning to celebrate this holiday or if you’re looking for a twist on flowery cupcakes, these feel like they’re really something for the season. Enjoy.