Pretty in Pink with these sweet, peony, felt necklaces. You can make these in one short session and adults can help prepare this ahead of time for littles to make, too. These are good for small motor skills but, adults will have to do the final finishes.

Make these FELT PEONY NECKLACES and experience pretty in pink.

Let’s make:
  • Yellow yarn (for tassel)
  • Jersey Cord (for necklace)
  • Pink Felt (cut circles, mentioned above, from felted wool)
  • Hole Puncher (I use a leather hole punch)
  • HOW TO:
  • Gather Supplies
  • Cut Piece of Jersey Cord to desired length for necklace.
  • Find necklace center.
  • 1) Tie tassel firmly with yellow yarn in the center of the jersey. Clip correct length.
  • 2) Slide one small circle on the cord and pull to tassel; then,
  • Pull BOTH cords through the second petal.
  • 1) Pull third petal on single strand
  • 2) Tie this first group of three petals
  • 3) Slide the remaining 6 large petals in groups of three: slide three onto a single strand, then tie, using the same procedure, the next two (one on each strand). Finally pull both strands on through the last petal. (Keep an eye on distribution so that petals look evenly distributed for a full flower.)
  • 4) Pull the petals tightly together and tie. Tie the necklace ends and the necklace is ready to wear or give away.

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