DIY Snowflake Straws

Add these DIY snowflake straws to a party or just make them to chase away a gray day.  Prepare paper squares and set the kids off on making a flurry of flakes with a note to keep the center’s solid. A hole will be punched out of the middle at the end.


1. Straws 2. Paper Snow Flakes/Heavy Paper 3. Scissors 4. Hole Punch

Once snow flakes have been cut, punch a hole in the middle of the flake and  slide the straw through this hole(see 5). (If you don’t have a hole punch, cut an x in the center of the flake and slide the straw through it to prepare. Adjust the snowflake to the correct level and you are ready to roll!

These are pretty fanned in a bowl with the snowflakes hanging over the edge or lined up in pre-prepared beverages.  I like to have these on hand in the winter for an ordinary day.

Note: Prepare intricate matching snow flakes in alternative card stocks, such as metallics, transparents or even brightly colored papers for a party. 
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