Cloud Straw Toppers


Our weekend will bring a chance to wear my sparkly shoes, the arrival of visiting family, cheering the kids on and, I hope, time for a picnic: here  If you missed the cloud blanket and super, super simple cloud napkins I shared at designmom in August, (click here) I wanted to include them, today. The napkins are made in a snap and are perfect with these cloud straw toppers! I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial (or both!)
I think adding cloud straw toppers to a table brings instant festivity and I like to keep these on hand year around. Isn’t it funny how bringing out clouds, can actually add sun to a room. Wishes for a cloud 9 weekend!
I can’t wait to meet you back here next week! Click below to continue with full tutorial …
Hole Punch
Paper Clouds
How-to:Cut desired number of clouds from white, sturdy paper. Press a hold in the center bottom of the cloud and insert straw through the hole. Garnish drinks with these cloud nine straw toppers.