Hand Painted Paper Party Goods


This is no trick. Make your own paper cups + plates for your Halloween Treats.

Jump below with us to learn how you can personalize (and have so much fun) making your own Halloween Party Goods!


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When I first moved to Sweden, there were virtually no party goods available here. The graphic designer and illustrator in me, welcomed this dilemna and I’ve always enjoyed personalizing all of our parties (and friends) through the years. Although I can now find many more paper goods in Sweden, I still prefer tailor-made and this is one of my favorite techniques. You can make these, too.


Now that the kids are older, this is a great project for them, to do, too.  Whether you’d like to paint your own personal set this Halloween or if you’d like your kids to be the creatives, this is a very, simple, project that only needs household food coloring and flat paper goods (non-glossy surfaces) — with bold results!



Let’s get started:


Paper Cups, clean un-used paint brushes, water, container for water, household food coloring.*

*(If you would like to make the cups that we made, I used Wilton’s Orange and Wiltons Black. I try to load my suitcases up with Indian Tree or Wiltons Food Colors, when I’m home in the US for visits.)


  1. Prepare a work surface. If using liquid color, place this in a small cup. If using a gel, like we did, blend with water until you have your desired colors.


  1. Once your colors are readied, it’s time to get busy! Put your paint brushes to work and created your own set of personalized Halloween Party Good or let your kids paint. This works very well, too, for a party. Have the kids start the party by painting their own cup! It’s a fun beginning and a great way for them to keep track of cups all party long.



  1. Let dry! If using more than one color or for creating details on top of another color, let the each color (or layer) dry before painting the second layers.




Party time! These go perfectly with Paper Bat Garland (here)

Wishing you spooky-fun! Happy Celebrating! Happy Halloween and Making, too!

As always, I’d love to see what you do with this tutorial. We do love creating for holidays and I can see that we’ve created more than 20 Halloween projects since starting willowday. Click here to make them, too!

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