Emoji Bead Coasters


Miles of smiles here and we want to spread them to you, too. We have smiles both because we’re on Winter Break and because of this project.

Making and then, using these little Emoji Coasters has been a project that we made over our break that’s a lot of fun. Follow us below to learn how you can make these Emoji Bead Coasters, too.





This project has extra fun because it’s one that we made with Karin and her daughter Freya (pysselbolaget) last week. Our daughter is currently crazy about Emoji and when I shared this fact with Karin, we were both full of ideas. These were a really fun project to make together.




– Pearl Tray


– Pearls (Hamas, Perler or similar style fusing beads) Yellow, back, red + blue beads


How to:

This is a project that probably doesn’t need instructions but, I’ll share so that I’m positive that you can give these a try, too!

Before getting started, decide the desired Coaster Size and this will determine the width of all coasters. Make all of your coasters that same size to create a set.

– Choose an emoji style that you that like and create your own Emoji Bead Coaster.

( You can look below to see a few different styles that we tried)

– If you’d like to make a coaster like we’ve made, ours are 18 beads across.


– Once the coaster is complete; iron to fuse, as usual.

– When cooled, the coaster is ready to use.

– The magnification process, created by water, is so much fun. When using these happy faces under a glass, something special happens, making these emoji’s really come to life.




We wish you miles of smiles today! We’re look forward to sharing many other fun projects we’ve created, too, over this vacation very soon. For today, we send you wishes from the mountains and that you’ll have a chance to make these, too.

Pop over to Karin and Freya (Pysselbolaget) ( to see their Emoji Bead Coaster and check out many of their other fun project, too. Click here.  Happy creating. “Miles of Smiles” to you, too!




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