Make Rococo Finger Knit Wigs

Make Finger Knit Wigs

Ready for Halloween? Today, we had a real Princess in the house and it made me think of you. This is such a fun, fun, fun,  way to be creative together and to build your own customised Princess Wig — with finger knitting!

Jump with me below and I’ll share how!



I’m sharing two techniques for these wigs:

  1. Wraps and 2. (Stitched) Wigs

I’ll start with the ultra simple method first and then, a second for a more permanent wig.

Ready? Let’s get started!

How to make Rococo Finger Knit Wig: Part I — Wraps





– White Finger Knitting.  (We made 10 yards (approx: 10 meters)  of white, thick, finger knitting to create this wig. You’d be amazed how quickly this actually goes!)

– Bobby Pins


– To create Rococo Princess Hair, secure the base of the finger knitting to the hair with a bobby pin.

– Continue to wrap the finger knitting around head, while continuously securing the knitting to hair with bobby pins.


– It works best to wrap the head completely, then, continue to build on top of this first layer.




How to make Rococo Finger Knit Wig: Part II

This method is perfect for an active costume. By binding the finger knitting to a hat, the wearer can move freely and hair will stay on securely.



– Finger Knitting.

(We knit 10 yards (approx: 10 meters)  of white, thick, finger knitting to create this wig

– Stocking Cap

– Needle and Thread

– Start by securing the end of your finger knitting to the base of the stocking cap.


– Wrap the Finger Knitting around the cap and secure with needle and thread.



– Continue piling the finger knitting up and around the cap, always stitching the finger knitting to the cap until wig is complete.

–  Embellish with bow or pins, as you’d like!

Behind the scenes, I’ve been deeply immersed in a “Rococo” project, recently.  I’ll  share more about this in the month ahead but, today, I’m thinking of the world of Halloween and costumes! These are such a simple and fun way to use that finger knitting and to create super, fun, wigs!

This period is called Gustavian in Sweden.  White, piled, embellished, hair was the fashion. I’ve wanted to try this forever.




My friend Susanne and daughter, Kira, came over for a visit, today, straight off the soccer fields and we had such fun transforming this soccer girl into a real Princesss. Kira’s perfect!

We had been talking about this idea for a while and we had prepared 10 yards of finger knitting ready for our wig! I wanted to quickly snap some impromtu photos for you to be able to use this technique in the upcoming holidays, too! If you make these Finger Knit Wigs, I’d just love to see what you do with this tutorial, too! You can email me your photos, share on Facebook or Instagram.  Tag them in Instagram with #willowdaygram.

Don’t you love, behind the scenes ?

Our model:


Thank you “soccer-playing-princess, Kira!!” You were wonderful.

Warm wishes for creativity, inspiration and fun!

Willowday Wishes



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