Make Cottonball Snowmen

Looking or a winter project to make with your kids? Make Cottonball Snowmen.  On this wintery day, it feels natural in my surrounding to look at a cotton ball and think, snowman! 

Let’s make Cotton ball Snowmen today. 

Today, I want to share a wonderful,  story hour, kid’s literature project, with you that’s easy on budgets, great for a large group and simply adorable: snowballs and snowmen that don’t  require mittens.  I made these with a classroom to accompany the children’s picture book,”The Snowman” but, these snowmen can be invited to many places and spaces. I can’t wait to see yours.

I invite you to make a snowman, too.
POST_Cotton Ball_LEADCPOST_Cotton Ball_LEAD
I teach an English class, as a second language, (ESL) to twenty 6 year olds. Keeping the attention and imaginations engaged means a lot of singing, games and  easy, affordable class-room, art projects. Even though, our budget and time is limited, I like the kids to create projects that they can be proud of and projects that they’ll be able to take home and use. This cute project was a real hit with my gang and was easy to produce in 20 minutes on a shoe string budget.

It’s no secret that I love snowmen (here, here , here , here, + here) but, honestly, teaching these 20 children who are learning a third language right before lunch time has been the perfect exercise for me to see how simple can I go. Cotton ball Snowman were actually more fun that I imagined and the kids create such endlessly adorable variations, I wish I could show you all of them but, hope this will spark your imagination and then, maybe you’ll share your own!

I’m sharing these made with dime-store cotton, but, if you have a larger budget, use wool! Attach a ribbon for hanging.

This is what you need:

  • Ribbon
  • Cotton *
  • Glue (hobby glue is best but all glue works)
  • Orange Felt (or orange card stock)
  • Black Marker (Broad-head)


  • After reading, ” The Snowman” assemble kids at their work spaces with the above materials.
  • You can use cotton “balls” which will not require rolling but, I used bulk (and natural) cotton which meant the kids call pinched cotton and rolled balls.
  • Dot glue on the cotton balls and press these together
  • Use marker for eyes (You can use goggly eyes if you have these, as well)
  • Cut carrot nose and apply with glue.
  • Top snowman with ribbon by attaching it with glue.
  • Let dry.

POST_Cotton Ball POST_duoble

What’s your favorite Winter Story about snow to read with pre-schooler and elementary school kids? As soon as it snows, I can hardly wait to bring out my snowy books ,The Snowman” is one of my top 5.


POST_Cotton Ball POST_C

(Above: real cotton) I would like to note that if you have access to a sprig of real cotton, like that I share above, share it with your kids or classroom! If you have a luxury to make this project with real cotton, it’s spellbinding for kids. This is the first year that I’ve ever found it commercially at my local florist and share it in images that you can share with your kids if you don’t have local access.

As always, I love to see what you do with tutorials here. You can share them on Instagram with the hashtag #willowdayproject, if that’s the easiest for you or send me mail.  I love to hear from you. Wishing you a wonderful, creative day.


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