Easter Pencil Toppers


Easter Pencil Toppers | Part 2: Looking for something to feather your basket (here | here)

What about a cottontail bunny (complete with cottontail) or a fuzzy chick topped pencil? In addition to the colorful feather pencils, I posted about earlier this week, read further for directions to make these sweet animal versions. I hope “hippity, hoppity” happiness fills your house this weekend!




  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paper Tape (washi)
  • Chick
    Felt Bunny ears*
    (Glue, if making the bunny)



  • 1) Choose CHICK OR EARS* for the pencil topper.
  • 2) Choose a coordinating paper tape.
  • 3) Cut 2 inches of the tape.
  • 4) Lay the CHICK OR EARS on this tape.
    (For the chick: clip off the feet. Place the legs on the tape)
  • 5) At the tip top of the pencil, wrap the tape around the pencil top and around the base of the bunny ears or around the legs of the chick. Pull the tape tightly to secure the topper.
  • 6) Once topper is secure, using a diagonal motion, starting from the top of the pencil, twist the tape down and around the pencil until reaching the bottom. Once you reach the bottom, carefully cut the tape and press down to secure well. In order to have a strong and tight wrapping, it is very important to pull the tape tightly and to press the tape down, as you go through this motion.7) Additional Step for the Bunny Version: Glue pom pom tail on the back of the pencil for the tail.
    Sweet Easter Days!(*Felt Bunny ears: cut rounded, bunny ears from felt. For this example, I used white only.
    I have also used double layers: white with a smaller pink interior)

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