What’s for breakfast in your house? We recently bought a juicer and the variety of fruit and vegetables we are all enjoying is fantastic. The kids are also completely fascinated with their ability to make up new combinations. (I think they love the “mad scientist” feeling of it!) I had been content with our old-fashioned juice press and blender but, these juicer juices, feel almost decadently smooth and creamy. Yum. Watermelon grape is the kid’s current favorite and mine is orange ginger carrot.

1) 2 Apples + 1/2 Cucumber + teaspoon Spiralina
2) 2 Oranges + 1/2 Papaya
3) 1 cup Watermelon and a Grape cluster (approx: 10)
4) 2 Apples + 1 Kiwi + a Grape cluster (approx: 10)
5) 2 Oranges + 1 large Carrot + fresh Ginger (to taste)
I’m curious: have you found a good use for the unused pulp?
If so, I’d love to hear about how you use it.