Mother’s Day Handprint Cards

Make Mother’s Day Handprint Cards with us today.

Make these Mother’s Day Handprint Card for Mom.



These work perfectly for Grandma, a teacher or even as a birthday card for a friend.  What starts with an individual handprint becomes art with embellishment! Add Mother’s Day Handprint Cards this year.

Rather than making traditional handprints, these hand tracing, Mother’s Day Handprint Cards, almost become art work.

Isn’t there something extra special about a hand made card?
Since these cards are tracings, rather than paint prints, they keep your art surfaces neat and are easy to make.
Have fun and invited kids to bring our their creativity in making Mother’s Day Handprint Cards. 
  • Choose paper that you would like for handprint head.
  • Carefully trace hand, then clip out.
  • Paint finger area desired hair color to symbolize hair.
  • Add face — paint, draw or glue facial features on. See samples above and below.
  • Apply glue to the backside of the handprint and place centered ribbon beneath finger.
  • Glue handprint to the center of the card.
  • Tie ribbon into bow.
  • Add finishing details: Mother’s Day Greeting or a Mother’s Day message around the artwork, as first example.
  • Draw or paint faces. See “how-to” for googly eye version.

Wishing you and your kids a wonderful time creating. I save anything handprint that the kids ever made which makes Mother’s Day Handprint Cards an idea I have to share with you!

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