Personalized Mother’s Day Presents

Personalized Mother’s Day Present

Dipped jewelry keeps catching my eye recently. I absolutely love the contrast of wood and shine and wanted to do a project with the kids for special mothers in our lives.

After trial and error, we’ve decided that painting to achieve the dipped look, vs actual dipping, worked best. If you’d like to know how we made these, please continue below.

DSC_2974-300x239Above: Satin Band Mother’s Necklace (front)


See front and back examples of these personalized dipped beads.


Above: various hairstyles:
1) Tape beads. 2) Paint. 3) Once dry, add eyes. 4) Thread.
(See photos below)


Wooden beads
(Wooden bracelet, optional)
Wooden skewers
Paint Brushes
Masking Tape
Satin or Leather band for necklace or bracelet
To make the above Mother’s Day necklace:
1) Choose an equal number beads as children.
2) Using masking tape, mask off the face area of the bead by
wrapping a piece of tape around the bead and pressing firmly.
(See diagrams above: For short hair, simply wrap the tape around the bead.
For long hair, angle the tape in two directions in order to achieve a V-shape for the hair.)
3) Thread the beads onto the wooden skewer and elevate so that the paint will not rest on your work surface. I used two rolls of wide masking tape and taped the skewers in place so that they wouldn’t fall while we were painting.
4) Paint the exposed surface of the bead. With the beads on a skewer,
spinning the beads on the skewers to paint them evenly works smoothly.
5) Once the paint is dry, remove tape and add eyes.
6) Once dry, string the beads on desired necklace material.
For this project, I used satin for a long necklace; tied knots between each bead and finished it with a bow for long necklaces.


For bracelets, I used a waxed linen and tied these with adjustable slip knots (instructions here).
If these are for a Mother who doesn’t like to wear costume jewelry,
why not make these into a key chain?

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