Printable Dog Fortune Teller

Make a Printable Dog Fortune Teller.

Super, simple, paper fun! Do you remember this classic folding game?

I made this for my English Class and wanted to share the dog printable with you. You can make whatever Animal you’d like: dogs, cats, lions — you name it. Draw the face on the outer part of the fortune teller and add the mouth to the inside.
For the Doodle Template:
Printable: Dog in US Letter format
Printable: Dog in A4 formatOnce printed, cut along the dotted line to make a square. If it’s been a while since you last made one of there, folding instruction below.
Top Left: With image on the outside, fold the square in half.
Middle: Open and fold in half the opposite way.
Right: With the right side (image side) facing down, fold each corner into the middle.
Bottom Left: Complete folding all points into the middle, creating a square.
Middle: Flip over and fold these points into the middle, too.
Right: Now, carefully, insert fingers into flaps and open. Ready for writing or playing!
Have fun with this super simple and slightly addicting craft.